Rasabi Cat – Hygiene

Wikipedia explains self-anointing in animals more plainly than Rasabi Cat does, but Rasabi Cat could take Wikipedia apart on the sun-bleached Savannah, so there’s that. In part, self-anointing in animals is when they try and smell like the thing they want to murder or the thing they are avoiding being murdered by.

This comic is dedicated to patches the dog, who decided that self-anointing herself with potatoes was necessary to her survival. When her life ended, potatoes did not play any part. Our family was also spared of any root vegetable related debacles. I have no choice but to conclude that Patches’ vigilance was responsible for our fortune.

This story is also dedicated to a good friend’s cat, Cadbury. One evening Cadbury’s owner returned from a long night of pizza logistics, his reward a pizza of his very own. He opened the pizza box, perhaps so that Cadbury could enjoy the aroma, and left to get a soda. When he returned there was Cadbury, enjoying the aroma -with her entire body. She was picking at the peperoni, and sagely Cadbury knew that atop the pizza was the ideal place for such a task.

Herein I immortalize this for you:

Anyway. Hygiene is important because sometimes people have to smell you, and sometimes pizza must be hunted and destroyed.