Who is Rasabi Cat?


Rasabi Cat is the projection of all human emotion on a cat. He can dance, sing, love, gamble irresponsibly, decimate, like you a lot, like you a little less than a lot, and aerate lawns… just like people! Some say he is people, and we are the cats. They are wrong. Rasabi cat is more people than we will ever be cat or people.

 ramen-4-evar i-do-what-i-want2 heart-ride cake-sink

Right now his adventures are limited to a series of highly emotional stickers for the LINE chat app.  T-shirts, notebooks, and other material goods are also available. Be sure to follow me on Facebook for any news on Rasabi Cat’s future crimes. Or simply visit Rasabi Cat at his abode, which is your heart and also this URL.

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